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why be a nine when you can be a ten!

Lifestyle expert, TV Personality and Celebrity Hair Stylist Robby LaRiviere has not only transformed hundreds of people on TV but he has touched the hearts of millions of viewers around the globe. The breakout star this past season on Logo’s Finding Prince Charming, LaRiviere continues his journey of spreading love, light, and laughter through beauty. 


LaRiviere’s uplifting personality, flare and outstanding knowledge of his craft make him a leader in Hollywood glamour.


Already entertaining his second decade in the business, LaRiviere continues to make a name for himself demonstrating the latest hair trends on many national talk shows along with presentations on HSN in America and TVSN in Australia. 


A freelance beauty expert fronting leading international cosmetics, hair care and tanning brands; LaRiviere inspires with his vivacious personality and seasoned expertise.


When it comes to red carpets, LaRiviere has had the pleasure of beautifying the creme della creme of the industry. From Britney Spears to Lana Del Rey, this bon-vivant  brings his expertise and charm to transform celebrities and beauty lovers alike with world-class service.


With his continuing  on-camera assignments,  LaRiviere excels in the art of hosting - from scripted or impromptu readings - to interacting with cohosts,  his priority is putting his audience front and center in every segment he does.  Dubbed a “heavenly host” by clients and fans for his natural charm and appeal, both women and men alike just can’t take their eyes off his charismatic entreatments.


Robby is available for expert beauty commentary, product launches, red carpet and TV appearances.

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